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Blizzard bags.

Our schools will be closed for the rest of the week. Click here to read the news story about how the snow-covered roofs are keeping students, teachers, and staff home.

Do you have cabin fever?  Here are some things you can do while you are at home.  Encourage your classmates to check the blog for these activities.

1.  Read!  Be sure you are recording what you’ve been reading on your book chart.

2.  Play math games.  Check out Sumdog to play games online or play the math games that are clipped into your yellow homework folder.  Record what you’ve been doing on your math chart.

3.  Write!  Keep a journal about each day.  Write poems about the snow.

4. Answer MCAS practice questions. Our reading test is coming up at the end of March.

5.  Work on your moon project.  The directions and project rubric are clipped into your yellow homework folder.

6.  Practice math.  Click on the following links for practice worksheets.  Don’t look at the answer keys until after you’re done!  Area by tiling. Area of a rectangle. Subtraction.

The following picture was taken in Somerville.  Read the news story here.

snow loader

A line of cars sit buried in snow banks in Somerville, Mass., Tuesday, Feb. 10, 2015. The latest snowstorm left the Boston area with another two feet of snow and forced the MBTA to suspend all rail service for the day. (AP Photo/Josh Reynolds)

Stay warm and safe!  Enjoy your February vacation!