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Our favorite memories of this year.

last day 2016 2017

Mckayla—When I get to see my teacher and give her a big hug.

Lydia—Getting to do everything with my friends and my teacher.

Nariya—Meeting Mrs. Tremonte. She was really nice.

Aidan—Gym class.

Jessica—Meeting Mrs. Tremonte and seeing her every day.

Rahib—Doing the easy math challenges.

Pedro—Eating slush.

Kailyn—The activities we did, especially The Secret Soldier one.

Nathan—My favorite part of school was doing ELA.

Laura—My favorite part was talking to Mrs. Tremonte

Ryan—Going to Plimoth Plantation.

Tanner—Coming in and getting to see Mrs. Tremonte every day and giving her flowers.

Tommy—Doing the BeeBots.

Jordyn—When I got to meet Mrs. Tremonte at the beginning of the year.

Robert—All of the projects and field trips we got to do with this amazing class.

Jayden—Going out to recess.

Bianca—Eating pizza on Wednesdays.

Mrs. Tremonte—My favorite part of this year was having students who wanted to learn every day.


Our favorite memories of 2015-2016.

Bryan– The area and perimeter BeeBot project.

Kaan—Activities where the two third grade classes joined together.

Kaylie—Career Day.

Dante—Area and perimeter project with Mrs. Scuccimarra’s class.

Dylan—Seeing my classmates every day.

Samuel—The Unplugged Arcade.

Devan—The field trip to the Powderhouse.

Dalila—Field trip to Flatbread Company.

Rebekah—Our third grade end-of-the-year party.

Endjou—The first day of school because I was able to see what third grade was about.

Jayden—The field trip to Somerville City Hall.

Alice—Having many different interesting conversations with Mrs. Tremonte.

Iqra—Meeting my friends at the beginning of the year.

Gemini—Field Day at Conway Park.

Antonio—The area and perimeter BeeBot project.

Eric—The Peri the Perimeter Pet math project.

Calla—From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler PowerPoint project with Alice.

Tyler—The student vs. staff basketball game.

Mrs. Tremonte—Our first visit as a class to the Kennedy Makerspace.



Thank you to everyone for the cards and presents!  You are very thoughtful and generous, and you certainly make me feel appreciated.  Thank you, thank you!

As promised, my husband brought my sons to school for a quick visit.  Here are our last class pictures of the 2014-2015 school year:

last day 1 last day 2

Our favorite memories from the 2014-2015 school year, as quoted from our students:

The Secret Soldier 12-sided ball project

Making the “3rd Grade Memory Book” while J sang

Flatbreads trip

Field trips and fun

The City Hall trip

Field trips, fun days, and popsicles

Bus ride back from Plimoth Plantation

Meeting Mrs. Tremonte in September

“Can you do this?” (interaction between two students)

Gym class

Mad Minute math tests, and kindness compliments

Learning cursive

Field trip to Plimoth Plantation on my birthday

Albion Park field trip

Our classroom fun day

No homework pass

Making t-shirts

Dance party in our classroom

Lunch room music day

It was a great year!