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Be kind.

kindness collage


Kindness week.

The Middle School Student Government has created a week of events to take place in the days preceding our holiday break.  Kindness Week begins on Wednesday, December 17.

Praise-Worthy Wednesday. December 17.  Teachers will lead students in a talking circle to discuss what an appropriate compliment is and how and when compliments should be given. Students can use the circle time to create and practice giving compliments. Teachers can then encourage students to practice this new skill throughout the week.

Thank You Thursday. December 18. Grades are joined to create buddies. Older buddies help younger buddies write personal letters of gratitude. (Possible recipients: soldiers, veterans, family members, etc.)

Food-Drive Friday. December 19. Students will bring in canned goods to be donated to a local food bank.

Mystery Friend Monday. December 22. Each student is assigned as a “mystery friend” to another student. All day they must be kind to that student. At the end of the day, students come together in a talking circle to guess and reveal their mystery friends.

Tasty Tuesday. December 23. Students are encouraged to have lunch with a new friend, someone they normally don’t each lunch with.