Math homework.

Students need to be able to add and subtract three digit numbers using different strategies from class.  Homework will continue to practice these strategies for adding and subtracting numbers.  Here is an example of what I expect to see for student work on the homework assignments.  math-homework-example


September classroom update.

We have been busy in the third grade!  Our students are a fun, hard working group.  Every day has been fun and I’m excited to see what the rest of the year brings!  Below is a picture from our very first day of third grade.


In English Language Arts we have been learning about fiction.  We’ve focused on characters, setting, plot, problem, and solution.  This week we learned about being a predictor and we talked a little about how we will have different roles in Reciprocal Teaching groups.

In math we have been using number lines to solve addition and subtraction problems.  We have also been using number lines to round to the nearest ten and to the nearest hundred.  This week we learned about variables and how to solve problems for an unknown number.  It is really important that students use a number line to solve problems and NOT the standard algorithm for addition and subtraction (this can be used as a second method to check our work).  Today we learned a fun new math game called “Close to 100” where students use number cards to try to find numbers that add up to 100.  Everyone loved the game!

Having fun!


Playing “Close to 100” during x-block (intervention).


We’ve started our unit on weather in science and in social studies we have been learning about Massachusetts and map skills.

Here are our completed Massachusetts maps that are hanging up outside our classroom.  We are still waiting for a few maps!


This week was Spirit Week at the Kennedy School.  We decorated our door with reasons why we love the Kennedy and some students dressed up for “Twin Day”.


These are some of the books we have been reading this year.
“My something beautiful is…”  What is your something beautiful?

Supply list.

I hope everyone is having a fun and relaxing summer.  The start of the school year is rapidly approaching and there are already many great deals on school supplies.

When shopping for school supplies, please purchase the following:

  • 2 two-pocket folders (very important for organizational skills)
  • Composition notebook (marble)
  • Grid notebook
  • Thin EXPO dry erase markers
  • Sharpened pencils (mechanical pencils are great) and erasers
  • Markers, crayons, and colored pencils (for projects)
  • Highlighters
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks
  • 4 spiral notebooks
  • Hand-held pencil sharpener
  • Boxes of tissues, hand soap, and hand sanitizer are welcome at any time throughout the school year!

Enjoy the rest of your summer vacation! See you in August!

Thank you.

I hope everyone is enjoying the first few days of summer vacation. I just wanted to thank you for the thoughtful cards and generous gifts. Your kind words mean so much to me! We had a wonderful year in third grade and I enjoyed getting to know each and every one of you! Have a safe and fun summer!

Bee lesson.

Our class used BeeBot robots to learn more about area and perimeter.  Each group had one student documenting on the iPad using an eBook creator through the Book Creator app.  The Lesley team helped design the lesson in conjunction with the grade three teachers to review area and perimeter.  Here’s a YouTube video to help you see the students in action: BeeBot Area and Perimeter.  The students loved the lesson and they are excited to use the BeeBot for future lessons!

Below you can see a sample of the lesson’s challenges.

Lesson: Measuring Perimeter and Area in Bee Units

Challenge 1: Measuring in Units

  1. Using a Bee Bot robot, pipe cleaners and string, show us the size of a Bee Unit?
  • Take a picture
  • Add a short explanation of how you figured it out.


Challenge 2: Find the Perimeter

Do you think these shapes have the same perimeter or different?

Circle one:

Same perimeter

Different perimeter

How many Bee Units is each side of your shape(s)?

Given this information, what have you learned? What is the perimeter for each shape?

Perimeter of shape 1: ________ (Bee Units)

Perimeter of shape 2: ________ (Bee Units)

Use your BeeBot to prove your work and double check your perimeter. You can write your code on a piece of scrap paper and take a picture once your code has been tested (and works).

Challenge 3: Finding the Area

Based on what you learned about perimeter, can you predict if the area of the two shapes is the same or different?

Circle one:

Same area

Different area

Let’s prove your thinking. Using your Bee Unit squares, how can you figure out the area of each shape?

How many Bee Unit squares did you use (take a picture):

    • Area of shape 1: ________ (Bee Units)
    • Area of shape 2: ________ (Bee Units)

Let’s prove your work. Use the measurements from your perimeter challenge to calculate the area of each shape? Show your work (formula)

Did you need to use different strategy to calculate the area for each shape? If so, what strategies did you use?

Thank you to the Lesley team for their support with this lesson!

Our favorite memories of 2015-2016.

Bryan– The area and perimeter BeeBot project.

Kaan—Activities where the two third grade classes joined together.

Kaylie—Career Day.

Dante—Area and perimeter project with Mrs. Scuccimarra’s class.

Dylan—Seeing my classmates every day.

Samuel—The Unplugged Arcade.

Devan—The field trip to the Powderhouse.

Dalila—Field trip to Flatbread Company.

Rebekah—Our third grade end-of-the-year party.

Endjou—The first day of school because I was able to see what third grade was about.

Jayden—The field trip to Somerville City Hall.

Alice—Having many different interesting conversations with Mrs. Tremonte.

Iqra—Meeting my friends at the beginning of the year.

Gemini—Field Day at Conway Park.

Antonio—The area and perimeter BeeBot project.

Eric—The Peri the Perimeter Pet math project.

Calla—From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler PowerPoint project with Alice.

Tyler—The student vs. staff basketball game.

Mrs. Tremonte—Our first visit as a class to the Kennedy Makerspace.


City hall field trip.


city hall 1

Today our third graders had the pleasure of visiting with Mayor Curtatone at Somerville City Hall.  The students learned about Somerville history and asked questions in the Aldermen’s Chambers of City Hall.

Then the children were able to visit Mayor Curtatone’s personal office.  He discussed the artwork that decorated his walls, one of which was a portrait of the Powderhouse. The Mayor also spoke about the plans for the new Somerville High School.

city hall 2

city hall 4city hall 3

Students (and teachers and chaperones) even received t-shirts!  The t-shirts celebrate the city winning the All-America City Award in 2015.

city hall 6

Thank you for a wonderful visit to City Hall!