1.  Read! Students read seven days of the week.  The title of the book is recorded daily in the student reading log, which is clipped into the yellow homework folder.  Parents should initial the reading log every night.

2. Compute! Students have a math assignment every evening, Monday through Thursday.  Students are expected to show all work and thinking, write equations to represent the problems, and write a sentence with the answer (for word problems).

3. Write!  Students have a writing assignment every evening, Monday through Thursday.  Students should use their best handwriting.


Your child should bring home the student planner and homework folder every day.  We write down homework assignments together each day. Please review the assignments and classwork with your child.  The planner and folder should come back to school every day.


The monthly reading chart is clipped into your child’s homework folder.  Your child should fill it out nightly.  You should initial the chart each day.  Thank you!

reading chart