Website homework

1.  Read! Students should read 15-30 minutes every night. Students may read independently with a “just right” book. Also, students may be read to by an adult or older sibling OR students can read orally to a family member. Here are some top ten tips to help your child to enjoy reading!

2. Math facts! Students should practice their math facts for at least 10 minutes every day. Children should have mastered their addition and subtraction facts by the start of third grade, but many students need a review of these skills. Students should also start practicing their multiplication facts. Here are some free printable flash cards. You can make your own flash cards at home if you don’t have a printer. Here’s a fun domino multiplication game and a multiplication war game. There are also many apps available to make learning facts fun!

3. Write! (OPTIONAL) Students may write in a journal every evening, Monday through Thursday.  They may write a journal about their day or write a summary of what they are reading at home. Students should use their best handwriting.