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Children can click here to access their Google accounts. Students can log in using their nine digit number starting with 111—— and their password. Click on Google Classroom to access Khan Academy and Typing Pal from home!

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See examples of student work and scoring guides for the MCAS.

Your child can practice math fluency at Sumdog. Please email me at if your child has lost his or her username, password, and school code.

Is your child a beginning reader?  Unite for Literacy provides more than 120 free ebooks for young children.

Here are some fact fluency math games you can play at home.



Students are expected to:

1.  Show all work.

2.  Write at least one equation that represents the problem.

3.  Write a sentence with the answer to the problem (for word problems).

Strategies students are encouraged to use:

Addition–Strips and singles. Number line.

Subtraction–Number line.

Multiplication and division–Draw a picture. Skip count.

Please see the examples of student work below:

math subtraction
Subtraction using a number line.
math multiplication
Multiplication using skip counting.
math multiplication 2
Multiplication using a picture and skip counting.
math division
Division using a picture and skip counting.