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Week 28.

This week has been all about fractions, writing, and typing. We used fraction circles to explore fractions and to order them from least to greatest. Then we transitioned to fractions on the number line. We continue to practice our narrative and text-based responses in preparation for state testing.


Week 27.

Our focus this week has been on writing narrative text-based essays. The children are working on continuing stories and today we started talking about rewriting a story from a different character’s point of view. We also reviewed math concepts in groups to prepare for our math test today.

Week 26.

The English Language Arts MCAS computer-based test is fast approaching! We learned how to take notes on a separate paper (instead of annotating directly on the text) and how to use our notes to answer multiple choice questions.

Week 25.

Today Mrs. Nuccio read us “Horton Hatches the Egg” in honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday. One of our students also presented over the loudspeaker about the country of Turkey. We continue to learn about fractions, measurement, and writing about texts.

Week 24.

There were lots of smiles on Valentine’s Day! We wrote poems modeled after Jack Prelutsky’s poem “I Love You More Than Applesauce,” decorated brown paper bags for our valentines, and completed Valentine’s Day themed activities.

Week 23.

Sixth grade students and Mrs. Cullinane visited our class to teach us about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. In math we began learning about collecting, organizing, and analyzing data. We have also started our weekly swim lessons at the Kennedy School Pool.

Week 22.

The Kennedy School celebrated Literacy Week. We decorated our door with our favorite books and Mrs. Nuccio read us “The Big Orange Splot.” Also, we wrote Haikus inspired by our art and we did some football themed math. Go Pats!

Week 21.

Students have been busy! They have been working on district mid-year assessments, STEAM projects, poetry, and division and multiplication (and timed tests). With all of this hard work we take time to relax with Mind Yeti!

Week 20.

Week 20. Hey Google! Our class has been using Google Classroom to access our Khan Academy, Typing Pal, and STEAM assignments. Students can access the online classroom from home too! They are the perfect activities for a snowy day.

Student instructions to log in from home:

Click here to access your Google account. Log in using your nine digit number starting with 111—— and your password. Click on Google Classroom to access Khan Academy and Typing Pal from home!

Week 19.

The Second Step program teaches students skills for academic and social success. This week we learned about seeing things from different perspectives by drawing water bottles. One partner looked at the top and the other at the side. We are also learning about having empathy for others and realizing that people can have different feelings about the same situation. Additionally, our winter books are on display in our class and we are shopping the Kennedy Scholastic Book Fair on Monday!