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Homework update.

STATE PROJECT. Students are continuing to work on their state projects.  Everyone should have completed the state map and the first four pages of the packet (Quick State Facts, Products, Industry, and Famous People).  Friday, November 4 the next three pages are due (Tourist Attractions, Landmarks, and Big Cities).  By Monday, November 14 a short written report, picture, and cover will be due.  The short report should have four paragraphs:

Paragraph 1–Important Facts/History

Paragraph 2–Geography

Paragraph 3–Landmarks

Paragraph 4–Fun and Interesting Information

Students should also provide the sources for their information.

The students have been collecting information for the written report in library.  At a later date students will be creating a presentation using the green screen in the Kennedy Makerspace!  Ms. Labaire and I will be working with Lesley University for this exciting project.

A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP. Students are logging when they go to bed and when they wake up to calculate the total number of hours and minutes slept each night.  They are also recording their observations about how they are feeling and why they think they are feeling that way.  After a week of recording their data, students will make conclusions based on their sleep record and observations. The entire packet, including the comprehension questions, is due Wednesday, November 2.

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Pilgrim project.

Where in the world do we come from?

Before Thanksgiving break, our class read Molly’s Pilgrim by Barbara Cohen.  Molly was born in Russia. Her pilgrim doll looked like a Russian doll. Which country were you born in? Where did your birth parents, adoptive parents, or grandparents come from? Maybe you left a country and came to the United States of America, or maybe your parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents left their original countries. Think about why you or your ancestors came to the United States.

By now, each student has interviewed a family member or friend about someone who was a “pilgrim”. Share any information, pictures, memories, etc. Write a narrative story from the perspective of the “pilgrim” you interviewed.  Then, like Molly, make a doll that represents the family member (or friend) you interviewed. Be creative!  The project (the writing AND the doll) is due Friday, December 18, 2015. Students will be presenting their dolls and their stories the week of December 21st.

We have already started working on our writing in class, and we will continue working on the writing in class this week (the week of December 7th).  Students should come to school prepared with their project materials.

Please use common materials found around your home to make the doll (paper towel rolls, old clothing, paper, etc.). There is no need to spend a lot of money at Michael’s. Our best dolls have always been made with recycled materials!

New england state project.

Each child has started to learn about a New England State of their choice (Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, or Maine). Your child should have already completed a map of their state. By the end of this week, your child will come home with a “My State Report Booklet” to further their study of their state. They can find information and helpful resources online. A list of websites is available at our classroom website under the “For Children” tab:

If you scroll down you can see the “New England State Project Links”.

Due by Friday, October 30th:

Quick State Facts, Products, Industry, Famous People

Due by Friday, November 6th:

Tourist Attractions, Landmarks, Big Cities

More information will be provided, but there will be a short written report and picture due by Friday, November 13th, and presentations the week of November 16th.

Each child will be given one “My State Report Booklet”. Each student needs to be responsible and organized, and keep this booklet in his or her homework folder at all times.  Thank you!