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Happiness week.

It is Happiness Week!

happiness week 1 happiness week 2

Monday, “Happiness is…” Day: Classes worked with their buddies to complete the sentence: “Happiness is…” The goal was to express what happiness is to them through pictures and words.

Tunes Tuesday: Music played during lunch block.

Wednesday, Hat Day: Students wore their craziest hats to show school pride.

Thoughtful Thursday: Teachers will pass out certificates to students commending them on their role in the classroom.

Friday, Field Day: Students will participate in activities outside.


Kennedy walk-a-thon.

walk 6walk 8

Today the children of the Kennedy School participated in a walk-a-thon.  We walked to Nathan Tufts Park, known locally as Powder House Park.  We enjoyed a healthy snack, provided by Whole Foods Market.  Students also tracked their steps with a pedometer.

walk 1walk 2

walk 4walk 3

The students had a wonderful day and they enjoyed seeing some of the local monuments and streets they have been learning about during the Somerville History unit of study.

Every august until a cure.


Pete Frates and his family visited the Kennedy School today, and we learned that the Ice Bucket Challenge will continue “Every August Until a Cure”.  Pete, who is battling Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), was honored as part of Heroes Week.  It is his mission to spread awareness about the incurable disease. Pete is an inspiration to all, and his visit encouraged everyone in attendance to be passionate and to lead by example.  Pete’s visit to the Kennedy will be a day that we will remember forever.

Do you want to learn more about Pete, ALS, and how you can help? Click on the following links:

How Pete’s mission to Strike Out ALS got started.

Team Frate Train and the Pete Frates Fund.

NewsCenter 5’s Report about Pete’s Visit to the Kennedy School.

ALS Association.



Do you want to see the teachers and administrators at the Kennedy School participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge?  Click here!


Classroom fun day.

Our class reached our on-task behavior goal and we voted on a classroom fun day.  Today was fun day!  It was an amazing day and everyone had a blast.  Everyone (well, almost everyone) wore pajamas to school.  We started by reading with our stuffed animals and pillow pets and then Mrs. Tremonte read from Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH by Robert C. O’Brien.  After that, we played educational games, such as Sumdog in the computer lab.  We enjoyed a snack and had a special morning recess where we attached our flags for Heritage Day on the front playground.  We learned new things about our classmates from “Show and Tell” and we had game stations where we played, Battleship, Apples to Apples, Twister, and Sorry.  After trying new foods at the Heritage Day Friday Festival, we relaxed and worked on our “Third Grade Memory Books”.  The day culminated with popsicles, dancing, and of course smiles and laughs.  Have a happy and safe weekend!

Reading our books this morning.
Reading our books this morning.

fun day apples to apples fun day sorry fun day twister fun day battleship

Wow!  Spinning Plates!
Wow! Spinning Plates!

Hero week.


This video captures the true essence of Hero Week (click here to watch the video).


  • What is a Hero? on Monday, March 2– students will write a definition of “what is a hero” on a giant poster (the Hero Wall) in the cafeteria.
  • What is a Hero? (continued) on Tuesday, March 3– Teachers will lead talking circles during a time of their choice to discuss what makes an individual a hero. (e.g. characteristics, actions, examples).
  • Be A Hero!  on Wednesday, March 4 (1) Students are encouraged to act heroic during the school day (e.g. do nice deeds, help others).
  • Celebrating Heroes with Buddies on Thursday, March 5– Meet with buddies in the afternoon to nominate a hero and write about their character traits.
  • Dress Like a Hero Day on Friday, March 6 (1) students will arrive to school dressed as a hero ( please keep in mind that the spirit of Hero Week is to educate students that the definition of Heroes stretches beyond Superman/Wonder Woman! We hope that after a week of inspiring learning on Heroes that we will see staff and students dressed as astronauts, firefighters, famous freedom fighters like Gandhi, Harriet Tubman  etc,) (2) During morning announcements, we will select several students across several grades who are dressed like a hero to describe why they chose to dress like that person on the morning announcements.

Kindness week.

The Middle School Student Government has created a week of events to take place in the days preceding our holiday break.  Kindness Week begins on Wednesday, December 17.

Praise-Worthy Wednesday. December 17.  Teachers will lead students in a talking circle to discuss what an appropriate compliment is and how and when compliments should be given. Students can use the circle time to create and practice giving compliments. Teachers can then encourage students to practice this new skill throughout the week.

Thank You Thursday. December 18. Grades are joined to create buddies. Older buddies help younger buddies write personal letters of gratitude. (Possible recipients: soldiers, veterans, family members, etc.)

Food-Drive Friday. December 19. Students will bring in canned goods to be donated to a local food bank.

Mystery Friend Monday. December 22. Each student is assigned as a “mystery friend” to another student. All day they must be kind to that student. At the end of the day, students come together in a talking circle to guess and reveal their mystery friends.

Tasty Tuesday. December 23. Students are encouraged to have lunch with a new friend, someone they normally don’t each lunch with.