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City hall field trip.


city hall 1

Today our third graders had the pleasure of visiting with Mayor Curtatone at Somerville City Hall.  The students learned about Somerville history and asked questions in the Aldermen’s Chambers of City Hall.

Then the children were able to visit Mayor Curtatone’s personal office.  He discussed the artwork that decorated his walls, one of which was a portrait of the Powderhouse. The Mayor also spoke about the plans for the new Somerville High School.

city hall 2

city hall 4city hall 3

Students (and teachers and chaperones) even received t-shirts!  The t-shirts celebrate the city winning the All-America City Award in 2015.

city hall 6

Thank you for a wonderful visit to City Hall!




Kennedy walk-a-thon.

walk 6walk 8

Today the children of the Kennedy School participated in a walk-a-thon.  We walked to Nathan Tufts Park, known locally as Powder House Park.  We enjoyed a healthy snack, provided by Whole Foods Market.  Students also tracked their steps with a pedometer.

walk 1walk 2

walk 4walk 3

The students had a wonderful day and they enjoyed seeing some of the local monuments and streets they have been learning about during the Somerville History unit of study.

City hall field trip.

Today our third graders walked from the Kennedy School to Somerville City Hall.  Mayor Curtatone greeted everyone in the Aldermanic Chambers, located at 93 Highland Avenue.  Mayor Curtatone shared information about the City of Somerville and he answered questions ranging from the Pilgrims to Outback Steakhouse.  The students were able to explore the Aldermanic Chambers, trying out the comfortable swivel chairs and posing for pictures.  After that, there was a trivia session in the Mayor’s office where one of the students from our class won a hat!  Students then enjoyed whoopie pies, chocolate chip cookies, and popsicles.  After the sugar rush, our class posed for some silly pictures and then we walked back to school.  It was a wonderful field trip and everyone enjoyed the day.  Thank you to Mayor Curtatone and everyone at City Hall for hosting us!


Waiting for Mayor Curtatone to teach us about the City of Somerville.
Waiting for Mayor Curtatone to teach us about the City of Somerville.
Listening to Mayor Curtatone.
Answering questions in the Mayor's office.
Answering questions in the Mayor’s office.
mayor funny
Silly picture!
mayor serious
Serious picture?

Field trip chaperones.

If you have volunteered to chaperone, please check your child’s yellow homework folder for information about chaperoning our upcoming field trips.  All chaperones must have a CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) form on file from this year.  The form can be downloaded here.  Please click on “CORI Request Form”.  Along with the completed form you must include a copy of U.S. government issued photographic ID, such as a driver’s license or a U.S. passport.  You can return the information in your child’s yellow homework folder or to the John F. Kennedy School main office.  Thank you!