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I'm a third grade teacher at the John F. Kennedy School in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Week 16.

Our favorite Mind Yeti session right now is “The Gift of You.” It’s a busy time of year and these mindfulness sessions allow us to relax and refocus. You can try many of them for free at!


Week 15.

What was it like to be Pilgrim on the Mayflower? Our students are using evidence from the text to write a journal entry pretending to be a Pilgrim. They love writing and typing their stories!

Week 14.

We are continuing to learn more about nonfiction texts. We have been practicing our annotation skills and being able to identify the main idea and supporting details. This week we also learned about the compare and contrast brain frame.

Week 13.

I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving with family and friends! This week we did many Thanksgiving themed activities. Mrs. Nuccio joined us to read Sarah Morton’s Day and Samuel Eaton’s Day. We solved turkey math problems in groups, and we watched Molly’s Pilgrim and noted the many differences between the movie and the book.

Week 12.

Ask your child about some of the multiplication vocabulary we have been learning about—factors, products, arrays, multiples, and square numbers. We also finished reading Molly’s Pilgrim and the students worked in groups to organize the events of the story in the correct sequence.

Week 11.

We are very proud of our flood resistant homes! Students had to create a home design that would withstand a flood and then build it. Then they identified the materials used and the properties of those materials.

Week 10.

Have you filled a bucket today? Some special sixth grade visitors and Mrs. Cullinane helped us to understand the importance of making other people happy. The students wrote positive messages to classmates and then shared them.

Week 9.

Our class loves playing the math game called Close to 100. They have also been learning all about characters in fiction texts and writing about those characters. Students have been developing central idea statements and supporting it with evidence from the text.