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I'm a third grade teacher at the John F. Kennedy School in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Week 15.

We spent all week writing about nonfiction texts and today we were able to unwind with YogaForGood!

Week 14.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. Ask your children about the math turkey problem and the book “Molly’s Pilgrim”. They will have much to share!

Week 7.

In literacy we have been learning about setting, problem, solution, plot, and characters in fiction stories. We are beginning to write a central idea and evidence on a graphic organizer to plan a writing response. We also had some Friday math game fun!

Week 6.

Our week was filled with “We Belong” events at the Kennedy School. We read with kindergarten buddies, decorated a banner with third grade friends, and designed t-shirts. It was a very fun week!