Our favorite memories.

Otis–Holiday activities and word searches with classmates

Hannah–Field trips

Romana–The Secret Soldier Project

Donovan–Pajama and movie day

Tesla–Pajama and movie day

Julie–Drawing our dream houses based on the Big Orange Splot

Natalie–Creating math board games

Lila–Reading Molly’s Pilgrim

Deniz–Getting extra recess

Aliyah–Creating math board games

Dylan–Molly’s Pilgrim project

Abdul–Going to Flatbread for pizza and bowling

Mac–The trip to the Mayor’s office

Jodenci–Walking to the Mayor’s office

Eric–Watching the “Santa Buddies” movie

Johnathan–New England Patriots Day/Patriots math

Mrs. Tremonte–Field trip to Somerville City Hall (Our students asked the Mayor amazing questions!)