Monthly Archives: April 2019

Week 32.

Review and practice of math has been the highlight of our week. Next week we will take the Mathematics MCAS and everyone is ready to try their best! We have also been continuing to read and discuss biographies.

Week 31.

We completed our English Language Arts MCAS and celebrated with extra recess, and a pajama and movie day. We also practiced our math skills on Khan Academy. Students can complete their math assignments on Khan Academy over vacation. They can log in through Google Classroom using their 9 digit student number followed by Have a great vacation!

Week 30.

Week 30. We completed an ELA MCAS practice test on the computer and the kids did great! They are prepared, but still nervous since it is their first year taking the test. As a result, Ms. Tosches developed a lesson to help students complete a challenging task. They learned that it’s okay to struggle and we discussed ways to work through strong feelings so that they don’t give up. We also continued our study of fractions!