Monthly Archives: April 2016

College and career week.

Our students have been learning about colleges and careers.  Some of the essential questions we’ve discussed this week are:  What is college? Why do people go to college? What are you interested in doing as you grow up? How do you want to change the world?  Students have had very engaging discussions and they have asked many wonderful questions.

Yesterday we attended a career fair and after that R’s father, Mr. D, came to discuss his career in the navy.  We all learned new information about the navy and submarines, and the students were so engaged that they didn’t realize it was time to go home!


CUBES strategy.


This week the students have learned a new strategy to assist them when solving math word problems.  The CUBES strategy should be especially helpful on the upcoming math MCAS test.  Here are some examples of how the CUBES strategy can be used to solve math word problems:

cubes student workcubes open response

Please encourage your child to use the CUBES strategy on any math homework involving word problems.