New england state project.

Each child has started to learn about a New England State of their choice (Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, or Maine). Your child should have already completed a map of their state. By the end of this week, your child will come home with a “My State Report Booklet” to further their study of their state. They can find information and helpful resources online. A list of websites is available at our classroom website under the “For Children” tab:

If you scroll down you can see the “New England State Project Links”.

Due by Friday, October 30th:

Quick State Facts, Products, Industry, Famous People

Due by Friday, November 6th:

Tourist Attractions, Landmarks, Big Cities

More information will be provided, but there will be a short written report and picture due by Friday, November 13th, and presentations the week of November 16th.

Each child will be given one “My State Report Booklet”. Each student needs to be responsible and organized, and keep this booklet in his or her homework folder at all times.  Thank you!