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Health and nutrition.

Ms. Kristin visited our class for the first time today.  She will be visiting our class every Friday for the next month to share information about healthy eating and physical activity.  Today the students reviewed the six nutrients and they sorted foods based on the model .  This program is sponsored by the UMass Extension Nutrition Education Program.

mskristin2015 foodplate

Extra sweet visit.


A and her mother recently visited Hawaii.  While they were on vacation, they went on the Maui Gold Pineapple Tour.  Lucky for us, they brought one of the delicious Maui Gold pineapples back to Somerville to share!  Almost everyone enjoyed a delicious treat and everyone learned about the history of the Maui Gold pineapple.  Thank you for bringing a taste of Hawaii to the Kennedy School!

pineapple2 pineapple3

New england state project.

Each child has started to learn about a New England State of their choice (Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, or Maine). Your child should have already completed a map of their state. By the end of this week, your child will come home with a “My State Report Booklet” to further their study of their state. They can find information and helpful resources online. A list of websites is available at our classroom website under the “For Children” tab:

If you scroll down you can see the “New England State Project Links”.

Due by Friday, October 30th:

Quick State Facts, Products, Industry, Famous People

Due by Friday, November 6th:

Tourist Attractions, Landmarks, Big Cities

More information will be provided, but there will be a short written report and picture due by Friday, November 13th, and presentations the week of November 16th.

Each child will be given one “My State Report Booklet”. Each student needs to be responsible and organized, and keep this booklet in his or her homework folder at all times.  Thank you!

Spirit week and other updates.

Last week our school enjoyed spirit week.  Monday we dressed in our school colors, orange and black.  Tuesday we decorated our door to show our Kennedy School pride (please come by to read the reasons why we love the Kennedy School), and on Thursday we were joined by our fifth grade buddies from Ms. Bougas’s class to participate in some Kennedy School Trivia.  We finished up the week by wearing Patriots clothing to celebrate our New England Patriots.  It was a fun and exciting week!

school spirit door 2school spirit door 1

In math, we have been continuing to sharpen our skills with addition and subtraction by using the number line and bar model.  We have also been finding the perimeter of squares and rectangles by using the formula perimeter equals length plus width plus length plus width.  Some children have even written books about “Peri the Perimeter Pet”!  The students have been using variables in equations to solve for the unknown.  We will be reviewing money, time, and rounding to the nearest ten and nearest hundred before our district assessment at the beginning of November.  Reminder: Always remember to show work (two different ways if possible), write equations, and write a sentence with your answer for word problems!

number line and bar model

peri the perimeter pet peri the perimeter pet 2

In English Language Arts we have been continuing our study of fiction.  The last two weeks we have been reading My Name Is Maria Isabel by Alma Flor Ada and we have been learning how to ask questions to further our understanding of what we have been reading so that we can have engaging conversations about the text.  Students have focused on asking a balance of “Right There” questions and “Author and Me” questions.  They have had clear behavior expectations when asking and answering questions with their groups and they have made significant progress over the last few weeks.  Group expectations include speaking and listening to my partner about my work, staying focused on my work for the entire time, and having the materials I need to complete my task.

asking questions

In Social Studies each student has chosen a New England State to learn more about.  Each child will research their state, write a report, and do a presentation.  Much of the research will be completed in school.  Students will be receiving more information in the coming weeks.  We started our maps in class on Friday and the map is due Wednesday, October 21st.

Pool with resume this Monday and Wednesday is a noon dismissal for students.

I’ll leave you with a photograph from Friday.  The students participated in their first session of Playworks on the front school yard. We had a lot of fun, despite the chilly weather and everyone is already looking forward to our next session.




By the end of the year children are expected to be fluent with all multiplication facts 1-9. I created a class account at and each child can access this site from home or the library. Children can log onto, which has fun games for grades K-8 that are designed to improve math fact fluency. The questions will be differentiated based on your child’s level.

Each student has been provided a username, a password, and a school code (john_107). Under my teacher account I can see when students have last accessed the website. In your child’s homework planner you will find your child’s username, password, and school code stapled onto the first page.

We previewed a few of the games in class this afternoon and everyone is excited to try the games this weekend! Please encourage your child to use this website to improve math fact fluency.