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Thank you to everyone for the cards and presents!  You are very thoughtful and generous, and you certainly make me feel appreciated.  Thank you, thank you!

As promised, my husband brought my sons to school for a quick visit.  Here are our last class pictures of the 2014-2015 school year:

last day 1 last day 2

Our favorite memories from the 2014-2015 school year, as quoted from our students:

The Secret Soldier 12-sided ball project

Making the “3rd Grade Memory Book” while J sang

Flatbreads trip

Field trips and fun

The City Hall trip

Field trips, fun days, and popsicles

Bus ride back from Plimoth Plantation

Meeting Mrs. Tremonte in September

“Can you do this?” (interaction between two students)

Gym class

Mad Minute math tests, and kindness compliments

Learning cursive

Field trip to Plimoth Plantation on my birthday

Albion Park field trip

Our classroom fun day

No homework pass

Making t-shirts

Dance party in our classroom

Lunch room music day

It was a great year!

Happy summer.

It’s been a wonderful year with “The Class of Eighteen”.  I’ve enjoyed getting to know each and every one of you.  I have had an incredible amount of fun with our class, and if there is any class I’d want to be in school with until June 30, this is it! Your enthusiasm for learning, dancing, and singing is contagious.  I will always remember the bus ride back from Plimoth Plantation and I will fondly remember our days as a “school family”.  Have a safe and fun summer!  Please come back to visit me next year.


Mrs. Tremonte


Happiness week.

It is Happiness Week!

happiness week 1 happiness week 2

Monday, “Happiness is…” Day: Classes worked with their buddies to complete the sentence: “Happiness is…” The goal was to express what happiness is to them through pictures and words.

Tunes Tuesday: Music played during lunch block.

Wednesday, Hat Day: Students wore their craziest hats to show school pride.

Thoughtful Thursday: Teachers will pass out certificates to students commending them on their role in the classroom.

Friday, Field Day: Students will participate in activities outside.

Kennedy walk-a-thon.

walk 6walk 8

Today the children of the Kennedy School participated in a walk-a-thon.  We walked to Nathan Tufts Park, known locally as Powder House Park.  We enjoyed a healthy snack, provided by Whole Foods Market.  Students also tracked their steps with a pedometer.

walk 1walk 2

walk 4walk 3

The students had a wonderful day and they enjoyed seeing some of the local monuments and streets they have been learning about during the Somerville History unit of study.

Every august until a cure.


Pete Frates and his family visited the Kennedy School today, and we learned that the Ice Bucket Challenge will continue “Every August Until a Cure”.  Pete, who is battling Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), was honored as part of Heroes Week.  It is his mission to spread awareness about the incurable disease. Pete is an inspiration to all, and his visit encouraged everyone in attendance to be passionate and to lead by example.  Pete’s visit to the Kennedy will be a day that we will remember forever.

Do you want to learn more about Pete, ALS, and how you can help? Click on the following links:

How Pete’s mission to Strike Out ALS got started.

Team Frate Train and the Pete Frates Fund.

NewsCenter 5’s Report about Pete’s Visit to the Kennedy School.

ALS Association.



Do you want to see the teachers and administrators at the Kennedy School participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge?  Click here!