Monthly Archives: May 2015

Field trip chaperones.

If you have volunteered to chaperone, please check your child’s yellow homework folder for information about chaperoning our upcoming field trips.  All chaperones must have a CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) form on file from this year.  The form can be downloaded here.  Please click on “CORI Request Form”.  Along with the completed form you must include a copy of U.S. government issued photographic ID, such as a driver’s license or a U.S. passport.  You can return the information in your child’s yellow homework folder or to the John F. Kennedy School main office.  Thank you!

Perimeter and area.

It’s been a long week of MCAS review.  The children have been taking practice tests and reviewing the concepts they learned this year.  Students were mixing up perimeter and area so we looked for fun ways to remember the difference between them.  Here are the key points we need to remember:

Perimeter–the fence around the outside, add up the sides

Area–the grass on the playground, multiply length times width OR tile in the squares

We watched some videos on Brain Pop Jr. and we watched some songs online.  These were our favorites:

Mrs. Burk’s Perimeter Rap made us laugh!  (And it helps us remember to multiply to find the area!)

This Perimeter Area Song was fun to sing along with!

Hope you enjoy them as much as we did!