Monthly Archives: March 2015

MCAS prep.

Students in grade 3 have been learning many test-taking strategies.  Over the last few weeks you have probably noticed many MCAS practice selections coming home in your child’s yellow homework folder.  Please review these selections with your child.  Ask your child to tell you about the different strategies he or she has been learning about and practicing in school.

We have also been trying out a new writing technique for open response questions called Writing With Color.  Click here to learn more about it.  Here are some seventh grade writing samples to show you how it’s used.

Our students will be taking the Reading MCAS on March 31 and April 1.

Hero week.


This video captures the true essence of Hero Week (click here to watch the video).


  • What is a Hero? on Monday, March 2– students will write a definition of “what is a hero” on a giant poster (the Hero Wall) in the cafeteria.
  • What is a Hero? (continued) on Tuesday, March 3– Teachers will lead talking circles during a time of their choice to discuss what makes an individual a hero. (e.g. characteristics, actions, examples).
  • Be A Hero!  on Wednesday, March 4 (1) Students are encouraged to act heroic during the school day (e.g. do nice deeds, help others).
  • Celebrating Heroes with Buddies on Thursday, March 5– Meet with buddies in the afternoon to nominate a hero and write about their character traits.
  • Dress Like a Hero Day on Friday, March 6 (1) students will arrive to school dressed as a hero ( please keep in mind that the spirit of Hero Week is to educate students that the definition of Heroes stretches beyond Superman/Wonder Woman! We hope that after a week of inspiring learning on Heroes that we will see staff and students dressed as astronauts, firefighters, famous freedom fighters like Gandhi, Harriet Tubman  etc,) (2) During morning announcements, we will select several students across several grades who are dressed like a hero to describe why they chose to dress like that person on the morning announcements.