Poetry and the moon.

It’s our first week back to the school in 2015 and we have some new curriculum topics for the new year.

This week we began our poetry unit.  Students have been discussing the difference between poetry and prose, and they have been learning to write and identify metaphors and similes.  Next week students will begin writing metaphors and similes about the moon for homework.  Which brings us to our next new topic, the moon!  This week students have started to observe and record the moon on a nightly basis.  Check your child’s homework folder to see the Student Moon Record.  We will be observing the moon (and recording it) every night for one month.  There is also a classroom moon chart if students cannot see the moon due to cloud cover.  Your child can use the classroom chart to update and/or check his or her moon record.  Encourage your child to talk about the patterns they notice while looking at the moon.

moon classroom chart
Classroom Moon Chart


moon student chart
Student Moon Record