Monthly Archives: January 2015

Fitness data.

As part of a grant, our students are having data collected about fruit and vegetable consumption and minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity.  Fitness level data is also being collected in PE class by Mr. Walker.

Today students received a Polar Active watch in PE class.  Students will wear the watch for a week.  It will track the minutes of physical activity they are getting over the course of a week.  It is important to note that students should NOT take the watch off.  It can even get wet!  The monitors will be collected in PE class on Friday, January 30th.  Our students are playing an important role in collecting data for the grant.

gym 1 gym 2

Our poetry.

The students have been writing poetry about the moon and themselves.  Each child has a metaphor and a simile about the moon on display.  Children have also been working on a “The moon is…” poem, which uses personification.  In addition, children are in the process of drafting, rewriting, and typing the “Biopoem”, a poem about themselves.  Students should have these poems displayed on their lockers within the next week.  Stop by to see what the boys and girls have been writing!

moon poetrybiopoem

Math fluency practice.


Students have been learning about multiplication and division in school. By the end of the year children are expected to be fluent with all multiplication facts 1-9. I created a class account at and each child can access this site from home or the library. Children can log onto, which has fun games for grades K-8 that are designed to improve math fact fluency. Each student has been provided a username, a password, and a school code (john_107). Under my teacher account I can see when students have last accessed the website. Please encourage your child to use this website to improve math fact fluency.

In your child’s homework folder you will find a letter with your child’s username, password, and school code.  Your child has also taped a copy of this information into his or her homework assignment planner.



Poetry and the moon.

It’s our first week back to the school in 2015 and we have some new curriculum topics for the new year.

This week we began our poetry unit.  Students have been discussing the difference between poetry and prose, and they have been learning to write and identify metaphors and similes.  Next week students will begin writing metaphors and similes about the moon for homework.  Which brings us to our next new topic, the moon!  This week students have started to observe and record the moon on a nightly basis.  Check your child’s homework folder to see the Student Moon Record.  We will be observing the moon (and recording it) every night for one month.  There is also a classroom moon chart if students cannot see the moon due to cloud cover.  Your child can use the classroom chart to update and/or check his or her moon record.  Encourage your child to talk about the patterns they notice while looking at the moon.

moon classroom chart
Classroom Moon Chart


moon student chart
Student Moon Record


Math review for test tomorrow.

Before vacation our students completed a practice test focusing on multiplication and division.  The practice test also included review questions on rounding and addition.  Today we reviewed some of the problem solving strategies in class.

Your child should have this review assessment in his or her yellow homework folder this afternoon. Students should review this test and problem solving strategies tonight for homework.  It would be great if you could assist your child with this review process.  Students will take the formal math test tomorrow in class.  They will be expected to show their work, write equations, and write a sentence with their answer for each problem.

Please see the images below to understand how we solve multiplication and division problems in class.

math review january


math review january 2