Our favorite memories.

Otis–Holiday activities and word searches with classmates

Hannah–Field trips

Romana–The Secret Soldier Project

Donovan–Pajama and movie day

Tesla–Pajama and movie day

Julie–Drawing our dream houses based on the Big Orange Splot

Natalie–Creating math board games

Lila–Reading Molly’s Pilgrim

Deniz–Getting extra recess

Aliyah–Creating math board games

Dylan–Molly’s Pilgrim project

Abdul–Going to Flatbread for pizza and bowling

Mac–The trip to the Mayor’s office

Jodenci–Walking to the Mayor’s office

Eric–Watching the “Santa Buddies” movie

Johnathan–New England Patriots Day/Patriots math

Mrs. Tremonte–Field trip to Somerville City Hall (Our students asked the Mayor amazing questions!)



Week 39.

Our class has made incredible progress over the 2018-2019 school year. They have grown so much. I’m going to miss them! Have a fun and safe summer!

Week 38.

The third graders loved their walking field trips! On Monday we visited Flatbread Company for pizza and bowling. Today we went to Somerville City Hall to visit Mayor Curtatone. He was very impressed by our students’ questions and everyone came home with a brand new water bottle!

Week 37.

This week was filled with STEAM Week activities and classroom projects! The students had to create a watercraft that would float for at least ten seconds while holding 25 pennies. The “Divergent Thinking Challenge” gave students the opportunity to create anything they wanted with a given set of materials. The children are also inventing their own math board games and they are working on a project about the book “The Secret Soldier.”

Week 36.

A fun week with extra fun activities! Yoga with Yoga For Good. A garden lesson with Groundwork Somerville. STEAM class with Kennedy Makerspace and popsicles on the playground to celebrate MCAS best effort. I hope everyone has a nice long weekend!

Week 34.

We had fun reviewing quadrilaterals using the geoboards in math. Plus, the MCAS may be over but we are busy completing our end of year assessments (Dibels and STAR) as well as our biography unit assessment.

Week 32.

Review and practice of math has been the highlight of our week. Next week we will take the Mathematics MCAS and everyone is ready to try their best! We have also been continuing to read and discuss biographies.

Week 31.

We completed our English Language Arts MCAS and celebrated with extra recess, and a pajama and movie day. We also practiced our math skills on Khan Academy. Students can complete their math assignments on Khan Academy over vacation. They can log in through Google Classroom using their 9 digit student number followed by k12.somerville.ma.us. Have a great vacation!